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Today, we are fighting with COVID 19 infection. This infection is spreading at a fast rate. In this scenario, it is necessary to sterilize the things that we use or touch frequently like kitchen utensils, personal care devices, etc. Akasa International is one of the leading UVC sterilizer manufacturers in Kanpur. Our UVC sterilizer is manufactured by experienced engineers, hence, is capable of killing all the germs that may cause infection.

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We are one of the leading UVC sterilizer cabinet suppliers in Kanpur. The UV lamp that we installed in this sterilizer device is of Philips brand which is capable of delivering 9000 hours of operation under normal conditions. Besides this, there is an ON/OFF switch along with an LED indicator. You will get a timer of 15 minutes in this device which is enough to sterilize things. We manufacture three different models of UVC sterilizer, namely, UVC 1200, UVC 1600, and UVC 3000, of which the latter two come with safety switches which ensure that the device operates only when the door is closed.

Uses of UVC Light Sterilizer

Owing to the position of one of the leading UVC light sterilizer manufacturers in Kanpur, we make the best quality sterilizers. There are many applications of UVC light sterilizers. These devices are used in hospitals and clinics to sterilize various medical devices. At home, you can use this device to sterilize kitchen accessories and your personal care equipment. These sterilizers also play a great role in sterilizing various pieces of equipment in salons and beauty parlours. Moreover, these devices are also used to sterilize currency notes at shops and homes.

Purchase these UVC sterilizers at affordable prices from us. We are one of the leading UVC sterilizer manufacturers in Kanpur.

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