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We at AKASA is highly engaged in manufacturing and delivering the optimum quality of products like cone pizza maker, electric salamanders, griddle machines, conveyor toasters, crepe machines, pancake maker, electric popcorn machines, commercial inductions, spiral potato cutter, milk shaker, french fry cutter, boiler and coffee maker, etc.

Highly Skilled & Expert Team

Backed by a highly skilled and expert team, we are able to meet the varied demands of our customers in an efficient and most affordable manner. These products are designed precisely with the utmost care and perfection by our specialists to match the international quality standards. Quality is something we strongly emphasize on and always ensure to provide the best-in-quality products to all our customers.

Excellent Array of Kitchen Appliances at Best Prices

Want to avail great deals on kitchen appliances in Amritsar? If yes then AKASA is the right choice for you to buy the best products at the best possible pricing in the market. We are the best Cone Pizza Maker Suppliers in Amritsar who make use of latest techniques and high-grade material while manufacturing an outstanding variety of products at the market leading rates.

Cone Pizza Maker

Being one of the leading companies of Cone Pizza Maker Manufacturers in Amritsar, we provide a varied range of pizza ovens. You do not have to worry about the quality, as our team of quality checkers make sure that every criterion has been met.

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Electric Salamanders

We are one of the most reputed Electric Salamanders manufacturers in Amritsar. When it comes to services such as exporting, trading, manufacturing and supplying the best quality Electric Salamanders no one can beat us.

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Electric Adjustable Salamander

We are one of the most prominent Electric adjustable salamanders manufactures in Amritsar because all our products are made in India.

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Pancake Maker

We as one of the top Pancake Maker Manufacturers in Amritsar we have brought the best pancake Maker that would provide you with a pancake that is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

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Griddle Machines

Under the category of griddle machines, we offer electric griddle hot plate. We are one of the top Griddle Machine Manufacturers in Amritsar, therefore we never take the quality of a product lightly.

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Crepe Machines

We are sure that a customer would prefer a company that has a vast amount of experience in dealing with the product, so we greatly announce that this niche is our speciality

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Conveyor Toasters

We are known among brilliant Conveyor Toaster Manufacturers in Amritsar as we provide a very diverse product range.

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Electric Shawarma Machine

We have observed that most of the people prefer us over other Electric Shawarma Machine Manufacturers in Amritsar as we provide a variety of range for our product.

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Electric Popcorn Machines

Our product quality and perfection for every minute detail have given us the position among well-known electric Popcorn Machine Manufacturers in Amritsar.

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Electric Small Tandoor

We have always believed in innovation and being one of the top brands in Electric Mini tandoor Manufacturers in Amritsar it is our duty to present something new

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Commercial Inductions

We as Commercial Induction Manufacturers in Amritsar have the best professional team so we deliver you the best quality commercial Induction Cooktop.

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Sunk In Induction Cooktop

Our company is well known among the Commercial Induction Manufacturers in Amritsar. It has been years that we are part of the field and delivers a quality product to our customers with the help of professional and skilled people of our organisation.

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Sunk in Infrared Cooktop

We try that our customers remember us forever, so we provide the best customer service possible, and thereby we are in the league of top commercial Induction Manufacturers in Amritsar.

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Spiral Potato Cutter

We know how much children enjoy eating potato chips and French fries. Thereby we as Spiral Potato cutter Manufacturers in Amritsar are privileged that we can make your children feel so happy and excited.

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Commercial Blenders

We are known among the Commercial Blender Manufacturers in Amritsar for the supply of best commercial blenders. These blenders are very simple to use. The blender is generally used in hotels, commercial kitchens or restaurants.

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Gas Barbeque

If you love grilling and roasting and the taste of barbeque dishes then you should definitely go for a gas Barbeque that you can use whenever you want. We Gas Barbeque Manufacturers in Amritsar, provide the best gas Barbeque.

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Imported Chicken Rotisserie Machine

Being the most prominent imported chicken rotisserie machine manufacturers in Amritsar, we are known for providing our customers with best quality products at extremely affordable prices.

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French Fry Cutter

Since we are the most noteworthy French fry cutter manufacturers in Amritsar, we manufacture products that are excellent in terms of quality and also have high durability.

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Milk Shaker

We are the most eminent milk shaker manufacturers in Amritsar, who are known for manufacturing top-notch products with the aid of Modern techniques without compromising with its quality and also ensuring high durability.

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Boiler And Coffee Maker

Being the most recognized boiler and coffee maker manufacturers in Amritsar, we aim at providing our customers with the best services in terms of quality and also make use of modern technology to manufacture our products.

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UVC Sterilizer

Today, we are fighting with COVID 19 infection. This infection is spreading at a fast rate. In this scenario, it is necessary to sterilize the things that we use or touch frequently like kitchen utensils, personal care devices, etc. Akasa International is one of the leading UVC sterilizer manufacturers in Amritsar. Our UVC sterilizer is manufactured by experienced engineers, hence, is capable of killing all the germs that may cause infection.

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